Why We Built Stellar Formation

Maxime Germain and I started a business together before this. Spencer Wolff was a lawyer, a dear friend, and the one we went to for startup legal advice. Together we started Stellar Formation.

As a repeat founder, I’ve been through incorporations. I’ve worked with expensive lawyers, cheap lawyers and online services. The problem, always, is this: once my company is set up, I still don’t understand how it works.

The education is missing. When you start a business, you need to understand it. It shouldn’t be this shiny black box that this gifted and intimidating craftsman (a lawyer) made for you. You should understand the ins and outs because you’ll own it and will live in it for a while.

I know many repeat founders who, because they had a hands off approach with a lawyer; still don’t fully understand the key elements of their business years after formation. Another typical case is they need to reform their business with an expensive lawyer a few months into their business because they did something wrong the first time.

That’s why we built Stellar Formation.

Stellar Formation Update - 4 Weeks Post Launch

Hey everyone, here’s an update on Stellar Formation. We launched 4 weeks ago on Product Hunt (with my partners Maxime Germain and Spencer Wolff) and since then we’ve helped founders start their businesses all over the United States, from sports equipments, to marketing consulting, bitcoin platforms and e-commerce sites. Thank you!

Most interesting is that 82% of the companies we formed were LLCs - for entrepreneurs starting businesses with real revenue streams and no need to raise VC funding immediately. We also helped companies set up corporations and going the VC funding route.

We started Stellar Formation because as repeat founders, we know how important it is that people who start companies can do it fast, but also understand the legal side of things (here is a small blog post about why we did this.

Now I'm trying to measure now is how well we're doing. I just created a small survey we're sending to everyone who signed up with Stellar Formation. Basically my question is: how can we serve you better? If you want you can participate to (we'll give you $50 off your next company formation with us).

We're always available to help you start your business the easy way. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • protect your IP
  • get your EIN

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