What are the next steps after payment?

Once payment is done we will prepare all the documents for you and send you an email request to sign them (within 48 hours). After this, we file documents with the relevant government bodies on your behalf and voila! Your company is formed. The post incorporation - waiting for the physical documetns from Delaware, scanning them and getting them back to you, will generally take about 10-14 days after that, and you will always be able to check the status of everything on your personal dashboard on this site.

We will also send you a handy “Next Steps” document which outlines the most common next legal steps taken by companies once they are formed. Please read it - it’s worth your time!


How does my Delaware startup register to do business in other states?

We can handle this for you. Please reach out to our lawyer at


Should I Register to do Business in Another State?

What if you incorporate your Company in Delaware or New York, but you operate from another state? You may ask yourself whether you should register for authority to do business in that state as well. 

Generally speaking, if you are operating a business by yourself and providing services across the web such as e-commerce, marketing, software development, or even other services such as graphic design, photography, etc. you do NOT need to register.

However, if you have physical operations in another state: for instance you take out a lease on office space, or you hire and put employees on payroll, then the local authorities will be aware that you are operating in the state. In that case, you SHOULD register to do business in the state where your operations are taking place. We can help! Please reach out to our partner law firm:

What is the NY Publishing Requirement?

When you set up a company in NY Stage, there is special requirement called "NY Publishing Requirement" that is required by law. 

We offer NY publishing fee at a big discount of $450. Other people charge $800-1200 for it. The process will take 12 to 14 weeks, but it will not affect your day to day business. 

You don’t have to wait for publication to run your business - open a bank account, sign contracts, pay people etc.