What is included in the Stellar Formation offer?

Stellar formation is a website that helps you create the legal entity of your company. From choosing the right type of company, to splitting equity, getting your EIN and paying taxes - our experts guide you and handle the tough parts, so you can get down to business.

Our offer includes everything you need to get started the right way. Here is what is included:

Checkmark 062a82e3870ecd80f69d712d95c9daecef3febc5744f104b823be8673aaf09b5 Filing LLC or INC
Checkmark 062a82e3870ecd80f69d712d95c9daecef3febc5744f104b823be8673aaf09b5 EIN
Checkmark 062a82e3870ecd80f69d712d95c9daecef3febc5744f104b823be8673aaf09b5 Bylaws
Checkmark 062a82e3870ecd80f69d712d95c9daecef3febc5744f104b823be8673aaf09b5 Equity split and vesting
Checkmark 062a82e3870ecd80f69d712d95c9daecef3febc5744f104b823be8673aaf09b5 IP assignment to company
Checkmark 062a82e3870ecd80f69d712d95c9daecef3febc5744f104b823be8673aaf09b5 Registered agent services for the 1st year (for Delaware)

Why does it cost $599 to form your company with us? We’re transparent, so here’s why: stellarformation.com/pricing

Here is additional information about our offer:

State Filing (no getting around it, goes straight to state) Checking names against state Databases, to make sure that your company name is available. Delaware registered agent (compulsory if you form your company in Delaware)

Operating Agreements/Bylaws (important documents to have your company structured in the right way; they’re the nuts and bolts of your business) EIN creation $25 (so you can employ people, pay your taxes and keep your personal assets separate from your business assets)

Protecting you and your partners 
Equity split and vesting (so your partnership starts on the right foot) IP assignment to company $45 (so the company owns all the intellectual property (IP) created by its founder(s). This protects you and the IP)

Admin cost, e-signature software use, physical mail handling and scanning (to handle state paperwork and certificate)

Need something different? Access a lawyer on demand

Our in-house lawyer will answer any questions you may have and help you with special requests. Just contact us on lawyer@stellarformation.com .