Why should I even form a company?

Well, it depends. 

If you're a tech startup with multiple founders, then it's a no brainer. You need a company to split up shares between founders, take in investment and protect your intellectual property.

The same is true for a traditional business with multiple founders who decide to go down the LLC route. Teamwork makes dreamwork, but you have to split up the company somehow, and the company has to own the products and ideas, and not the people. 

But what if you're a single founder with a traditional business? Well. then the big answer is LIMITED LIABILITY. Let's say the business goes sour. Do you want the creditors coming after you personally or after your bankrupt LLC? We think the answer is clear. 

Well what about if the business is going great, but something happens? America is a litigious society. Protect your yourself and your personal belongings by putting your business in a company form.

Finally, customers, business partners, and investors take you more seriously if you've formed a company. They know you're ready for business and serious about your project.

Let us help you get ready!