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Stellar Formation makes it easy to form your company in minutes, clear and simple.
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Why Stellar Formation?

We’re not dumb - we know you have plenty of options to form your business. Just Google.

You have expensive lawyers, cheap lawyers, your cousin’s lawyer friend, and lots of online services.

Yet, we think you set up shop with us and here’s why.

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Our story

“I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs as an attorney, and I can tell you one thing: most people get scammed when they start. It ends up costing them much more, because they didn’t set up the right way. We help entrepreneurs avoid that trap. It’s liberating.”
Spencer | Partner at Stellar Formation

“Maxime Germain and I started a business together before this. Spencer Wolff was a lawyer, a dear friend, and the one we went to for startup legal advice.
Together we started Stellar Formation. As a repeat founder, I’ve been through many incorporations. I’ve paid sometimes $900, sometimes $3,500 for it. Until Stellar Formation, I didn’t know what it meant and how my company worked.”
Kenneth | Partner at Stellar Formation

“When you start a business, you need to understand it. It shouldn’t be this shiny black box that this gifted and intimidating craftsman (a lawyer) made for you. You should understand the ins and outs because you’ll own it and will live in it for a while.”
Maxime | Partner at Stellar Formation

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Our price is fair

Contrary to our competitors,
we want simple,
transparent pricing for everyone.

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We charge a flat $599 for single founders and $899 for multiple founders, which includes everything you need.

We set up your company in the right way for you, so your business is bullet proof. A lot of other sites do a less than stellar job at doing so.

Why does it cost $599 to form your company with us? We’re transparent, so here’s why:

Our competition scams

You’ll find plenty of website offering you LLCs starting at $179.

Chances are, you will either end up paying much more
or won’t be set up in the right way.

Here are a few typical ways this happens:

Excluding “State Fees” from the price.
Most websites you will find will not tell you that you have to pay State Fees until the very last step, and it’s usually too late. It’s a game changer because there is no getting around State Fees and they cost between $194 and $200 depending on the type of company you form. Our $599 price includes state fees and you can find the full breakdown of the costs on our pricing page. Transparent. Simple.

Bad Bylaws.
Many websites use bylaws templates that are poorly written and will not protect you properly in a legal dispute. We’ve seen countless clients find out - only too late - that their company’s bylaws are useless.

Poor Equity Split or No Vesting.
Most websites will not offer the proper documentation to split your company with your partners and avoid unnecessary partner disputes.

No IP Assignment.
Most websites will not offer IP Assignment, or they will do so as an extra service at a high premium. In fact, IP Assignment is crucial for your company. This makes sure the company owns all the intellectual property (IP) created by its founder(s). This protects you, your partners and the IP.

Get your Stellar Formation

Start my incorporation

Be bullet proof

Other formation services are piece-meal,
and it’s often a trap.

We set you up with everything you need to get started
and be bullet proof.

State Filing (no getting around it, goes straight to state) Checking names against state Databases, to make sure that your company name is available. Delaware registered agent (compulsory if you form your company in Delaware)

Operating Agreements/Bylaws (important documents to have your company structured in the right way; they’re the nuts and bolts of your business) EIN creation $25 (so you can employ people, pay your taxes and keep your personal assets separate from your business assets)

Protecting you and your partners
Equity split and vesting (so your partnership starts on the right foot) IP assignment to company $45 (so the company owns all the intellectual property (IP) created by its founder(s). This protects you and the IP)

Admin cost, e-signature software use, physical mail handling and scanning (to handle state paperwork and certificate)

Additional services

Access a lawyer on demand

Our in-house lawyer will answer any questions you may have and help you with special requests.

Sign paperwork electronically

No need to print or sign physical paperwork, we generate all paperwork electronically and have you sign online. You can then download the paperwork at any time from your dashboard.

Your personal business dashboard

Log back to Stellar Formation at any time to access a personal dashboard with all the key information for your business - from your EIN, to PDFs of the legal documents, filing deadlines - it’s all neatly in one place.

.Inc or LLC

Stellar Formation will help you form either a Delaware corporation or a Delaware LLC. This covers the needs of most startups, whether you intend to run a small profitable business or raise money from outside investors.

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